My Top Seven Mysteries

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1.  Who were the parents of John Foust?  John was married to Rebecca (b. 1796) and they may have resided in Berks County before moving to Mifflin County, PA.  When did John Foust die?  (about 1839?)  They had a son Jacob, born in 1821. (Jacob's death record says he was born in Berks County, PA).  Also, daughter, Sarah Ann, born in 1833 and a son, James born in 1835. There may have been other children.

Berks County records show Dewald Faust marrying Rebecca Barrell in 1817.  Could this be John & Rebecca? Did he start using the name John after moving? 

2. Who were the parents of George Fortney, born ca 1795 and died ca 1868 in Franklin County, PA?  He married Jane Harry.

3.  Who were the parents of Solomon Pecht, who died in April 1842 in Mifflin County, PA?  He married Christina Barger (b. 1792 in Berks County, PA.)  In census records the name is sometimes spelled Peck or Peight. Solomon was a builder. His son William Pecht was also a builder, and according to a newspaper article, he had helped to construct at least 35 barns  (8/27/1891 Huntingdon Globe).  Solomon's other children were Levi, Rachel, Sarah, Rosanna and Rebecca.  

4.  Who were the parents of David Myers?  He was born ca 1794 and married Rosanna ______.  They resided in Juniata County, PA and had children: Sarah, Henry, Mary, Jesse, Elizabeth, Susannah, Joseph, David, William, Catherine, and Leah. 

5.  Who were the parents of Frederick Kimberly (d. 1840)?  He was married to Martha Ross (d. 1872 at age 73).  They resided in Mifflin County, PA, and had children: James Ross m. Dorcas Swigart; Catherine m. Wm Jeffries; Margaret m. Alexander Sears; Francis m. Catherine Hart; Sarah Ann m. Samuel Diffenderfer; Mary (died young); and John Jackson married Mary Bratton.

6.  Who were the parents of John Comer/Cummer (7/16/1791-12/29/1833)?  John married Catherine Shearer and resided in Mifflin County, PA as early as 1820.

Could he have been a son of John Comer (b. 7/7/1738 in Chester County, PA) m. to Elizabeth Cox?
Or, could he have been a son of Thomas Comer (b. 6/30/1745 in Lancaster County, PA)?

7. Does anyone have more information on John Shearer (Sharrer, Sherer; 1757-1825)?  He was married to Barbara Fry (1766-1847).  (Barbara was and Fry was her married name.)   From various sources I have gathered the following pieces of information:

        John Shearer moved from Berks County to Mifflin County, PA about 1793.
        He was a Revolutionary War Officer.
        He served seven years under George Washington.

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