85th Infantry Division in World War II
The 85th Infantry Division in World War II

The 337th Infantry Regimental Crest

337th Infantry
Based on the regiment's service in World War I, the shield of the 337th Infantry features a rearing wolverine, bearing its teeth and claws and ready for a fight. Assigned to the 85th Infantry Division in 1917, the 337th was made up of men mostly from areas of Michigan outside of Detroit, and Wisconsin. The design, which was approved June 15, 1926, represents the heritage of the regiment and its service in the final days of the Great War and during the armistice when it performed garrison and police duties. The colors of blue and white are specific colors for the infantry. The gold billets in the shield are taken from the arms of the city of Nevers, France, where the regiment was billeted in the war zone during World War I and during the occupation afterward. The fierce wolverine represents the state of Michigan, where the unit trained prior to going overseas in 1918 and where it was located in 1921 after returning from France. The regiment was reorganized and redesignated in 1959 as the 337th Regiment (Basic Combat Training), an element of the 85th Division (Training).

The regimental motto is "VIS ET VIRTUS", which means Strength and Courage.

The 337th Infantry in World War II

Custer Division The 85th Infantry Division in World War II
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