85th Infantry Division in World War II
The 85th Infantry Division in World War II

337th Crest- Wolverines The 337th Infantry In World War II
85th Infantry Division, 1942 to 1945

337th CREST
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Aerial view of Minturno, Italy, 1946
Aerial view of Minturno and Cole San Martino beyond. The Custer Division breached the Gustav Line here in May 1944.
(US Signal Corps Collection, National Archives)

Activated in 1942 at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, the 337th Infantry Regiment was the lead infantry regiment of the 85th Infantry or "Custer" Division. Though the regiment did not experience combat in France in 1918, it's World War II service would prove to be very different. Under the command of Colonel Oliver Hughes, the 337th Infantry saw active combat in 1944 at Minturno and Tremensuoli (the Gustav Line offensive), Formia, the Arno River, Mount Altuzzo (the Gothic Line offensive), North Apennines, Mount Mozano, and into the Po Valley in 1945.

It was during Operation Diadem in May 1944 when the 1st Battalion, 337th Infantry experienced severe combat at Hills 69 and 66 north of Tremensuoli, Italy. On May 12, the day after the assault began, the battalion was ordered to relieve the depleted 3rd Battalion, 339th Infantry. The Wolverines made their way to Hill 69 and then charged into a hailstorm of mortar, artillery, and machine gun fire in an attempt to subdue the strongly fortified Hill 66. The Germans would not budge, but pinned down the Custermen with heavy weapons and infantry counterattacks preceded by saturations of mortar and artillery. Leadership and determination held Hill 69, throwing back each enemy strike. After several days, the battalion eventually cleared Hill 66 of a stubborn enemy as the remainder of the German line began to show weaknesses. The 337th's capture of Hill 66 contributed to the final collapse of the Gustav Line in this sector north of Minturno.

The 337th Regimental Combat Team, "Combat Team 7", included the 337th Infantry, 328th Field Artillery, Company A, 310th Engineer Battalion, and Company A, 310th Medical Battalion.


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Custer Division The 85th Infantry Division in World War II
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