85th Infantry Division in World War II
The 85th Infantry Division in World War II

The 338th Infantry Regimental Crest

The design of the regimental crest for the 338th Infantry was approved March 27, 1928, featuring the simple colors of blue and white to signify the infantry. The color of blue in the base of the shield was taken from the state flag of Michigan and refers to the organization's original allocation to Michigan with headquarters in Lansing in the southern part of the state. The "per fess" division of the shield and the thistle are from the arms of Nancy, the nearest arms-bearing town to Maron, France, where the 338th Infantry was stationed during World War I. The regiment's service in the Great War was mixed, duties ranging from guarding depots and railines to general duties that kept the regiment off the front line through the Armistice in November 1918. The 338th Infantry would have a much different service record overseas during World War II.

After the end of World War II, the regiment was deactivated but was reactivated and reorganized in the 1950's when the Army required units for specific training purposes. In 1959, the regiment was designated as the 338th Regiment BCT (Basic Combat Training), an element of the 85th Division (Training).

The motto of the regiment is "MARCHONS", emblasioned in English on the banner below the shield.

338th Infantry in World War II

Custer Division The 85th Infantry Division in World War II
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