85th Infantry Division in World War II
The 85th Infantry Division in World War II
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Service with the 337th Infantry- A page on S/SGT. Roy Jones who served in C Company, 337th Infantry, 85th Infantry Division in World War II. A great site by his son Don Jones, with plenty of images and history on the "Wolverines".

Custermen.com- An excellent site by Steve Cole whose father served with the 328th Field Artillery Battalion, 85th Infantry Division, which also has loads of information on the Italian Campaign, photos, maps and more.

Memorial to Lt. Godfrey Joseph Savard. A memorial page to 2nd Lt. Godfrey "Fred" Savard, decorated veteran of Company A, 339th Infantry. Posted by his son Bill Chiodo, member of the American World War II Orphans Network, the page is a touching tribute. Decorated for bravery while in the 339th Infantry, Savard was killed in 1945 under questionable circumstances and rests in the US Military Cemetery in Florence, Italy.

Armed Forces Museum at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. The camp where the division was reborn in 1942 hosts a wonderful new museum filled with interesting artifacts relative to the military history of Mississippi and the 85th Infantry Division. Read more about the Armed Forces Museum and services that this modernized camp provides.



"Detroit's Own" Polar Bear Memorial Association: The association of descendants of veterans of the original 339th Infantry Infantry, which served in North Russia in 1918-1919. Great informational site on the original Polar Bears and the memorial in Troy, Michigan.


North Carolina's World War II Experience: Presented by University of North Carolina Television (PBS), here is a spectacular resource with stories from the veterans of that state, news, honors and events upcoming this fall on PBS.


45th Infantry Division45th Infantry Division in World War II Another division that saw action in Italy from Salerno to the Liri Valley, Anzio to Rome, and then southern France. It's combat record was rivaled by few other divisions. Here is a great site about the "Thunderbirds" and their remarkable contribution during World War II hosted by the 45th Division Reenactment and Venturing Crew of the World War II Recreation Association.


70th Infantry Division Association70th Infantry Division Association- An excellent site about the "Trailblazers", the 70th Infantry Division, which saw heavy action in Europe in 1944-45 with Seventh Army, and information on the 70th Infantry Division Association.


Century DivisionThe Century Division- Official site of the 100th Infantry Division Veterans Association, including information on the division's training and combat record in World War II, photographs, and much more. The Century Division had an excellent combat record.



752nd Tank Battalion in World War IIThe 752nd Tank Battalion in World War II- A super site on the 752nd Tankers who supported the Custer Division in several campaigns on the Italian boot in 1944, compiled by Bob Holt, son of a veteran of B Company.


49th Infantry West Riding Division- Polar Bear Association in the UK49th (West Riding) Infantry Division Polar Bear Association of the United Kingdom. This British counterpart of the American Polar Bears is an association of veterans and persons interested in preserving the history of this fine division that saw rugged service in both World Wars, having earned its title of Polar Bear Division while serving in Norway from 1940 to 1942.




The Veteran's Administration- The Veterans Administration web site.

Disabled American Veterans- the web site for the DAV, a wonderful organization established to provide assistance to disabled US veterans of all wars.

New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans- a great organization of dedicated people making an attempt to help needy veterans in the Boston Area.

Mesothelioma and Veterans- According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, there are currently 25 million living individuals who have served in the United States' armed forces. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of these living veterans were exposed to toxic asbestos-containing materials during military service. More than 30 percent of Americans beset with mesothelioma (a rapacious cancer that attacks the internal lining of the lungs, abdomen, and heart) were exposed to asbestos during military service. Asbestos.com offers complete information on lists of occupations, ships, and shipyards that could have put our Veterans at risk for developing asbestos-related diseases.



Dad's War- A super site by Wes Johnston that will help you start your research on World War II servicemen, including your father, mother, or grandparents.

Lyon Research.com- A professionally run research company in the Washington, DC area that will search files and records at the National Archives & Records Administration, Library of Congress, and other facilities to compile military service records for you.

National Archives and Records Administration- Information on records and holdings in the National Archives, including the National Personnel Center in St. Louis.

National Cemetery Administration- The NCA oversees US National Cemeteries in the United States.

American Battle Monuments Commission- The ABMC administers US cemeteries in Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Pacific, and will also assist families with searches for resting places of loved ones.

American World War II Orphans Network AWON is a national organization of US War orphans and this special site is for them to post memories of so many fathers lost in World War II.


Great Military Vehicles- Home pages of the Military Vehicles Preservation Association

Lone Sentry.com- an interesting site for photos, division histories, articles, research, and just about everything you would want to know regarding the Army of the United States in the European Theater in World War II.

Baghdad Pups- A website for stray dogs adopted by our men and women on duty in Iraq. These animals and their American friends need our support.


Custer Division The 85th Infantry Division in World War II
The Unofficial Webpages of the Polar Bear Association of World War II:
Veterans of 339th Infantry, 910th FA Bn, 310th Engineer Bn, & 310th Medical Bn

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