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About the Website


RadResponse.com was created by Cheryl Weaver - Docimo in January of 2005 to provide students of her educational programs and other responders with a resource to strengthen their skills in radiological decision making and radiological mitigation through the use of online learning scenarios .

Since that time, the website has been expanded to include articles and papers pertinent to radiological response, as well as links to first responder conference information and the corporate partners whose contributions of equipment and information help to make radiological training programs possible. Thank you to Berkeley Nucleonics, Canberra Detection, Docimo & Associates, LLC, Lancs Industries and Landauer, Inc. for their ongoing support of first responder training.

In additional to information on radiological response, Cheryl has developed the website, ReadyYourFamily.org to provide civilians and responders with information on community preparedness. This website also has an extensive list of items that every family should consider including for their disaster preparedness kit.

Cheryl Weaver - Docimo

CEO & Radiological Trainer



The incident at Three Mile Island on March 28, 1979 was a life changing event for Cheryl Weaver - Docimo. As the incident at the power plant escalated over the next hours and days, her hometown of Shippensburg, PA was designated as a receiving site for evacuees in the event that a 20 mile evacuation was ordered. At that time Cheryl’s father was an officer in the fire department and her mother was an EMT. Cheryl and her younger brother, Butch spent time at the station with their parents during the crisis. This gave the children an opportunity to observe things that were occurring behind the scenes, as well as the effect on the local communities. Through her observations, the one factor that became most apparent to Cheryl was the fear of the event on the part of the citizens, as well as the responders, which resulted from a lack of understanding of radiation. When the crisis ended, Cheryl made a decision to learn as much as she could about radiation. Years later, during her senior year of high school, Cheryl was given the opportunity to do independent studies in physics and biology. And she spent her senior year experimenting with radiation.

Following graduation, Cheryl attended a school of radiological technology. And after working in the field for about one year, she accepted her first faculty position with the School of Radiological Technology at Penn State’s University Hospital. But the first responder community always held a special place in Cheryl’s heart and she continued to volunteer in emergency services. In January of 2000 she joined the staff of Docimo & Associates, LLC to work as an educator for first responders. Through 2012, she held the position of Vice President of Operations and was the company’s radiological trainer. Cheryl also established her own business, “RadResponse, LLC” in August of 2009. The sole focus of RadResponse, LLC is to provide first responders with an education in radiological response. In October of 2011, she was selected as a recipient of the "In the Zone Award" at the 2011 Hotzone Conference. She was the first woman to receive the award which was presented to her in recognition for her “contributions and commitment to responder health and safety through education and training”.

Throughout her life, Cheryl has remained active in emergency services, from her early years as a junior member to her later years, holding multiple operations and administrative officer positions. A 34 year veteran of the fire and EMS services, Cheryl also served as a specialist with a regional hazardous materials response team in south central Pennsylvania and she was the co-chair of the Radiological Response Working Group for the South Central Pennsylvania Task Force.

In addition, Cheryl volunteers her time to work with political leaders, civic groups, and the media to promote community preparedness throughout the United States. She also volunteers her time to speak on fitness in emergency services, a topic of special interest to her following the death of a 32-year-old friend from sudden cardiac arrest.

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