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While most of our classes are closed on-site classes, there are occasional opportunities to participate in open events.

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Cheryl plans to occasionally run online learning exercises using Twitter.

An email announcement will be sent out in advance of the scheduled exercise.

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Personal Protective equipment for first receivers



How do participants benefit from onsite hands-on training?

When participants utilize lecture-style training, they only retain 20% of what they have learned.  When participants are provided with the opportunity to practice what they have just learned, knowledge retention increases to 75%.

Why choose Docimo & Associates, LLC?

Now in our 27th year, Docimo and Associates, LLC provides quality training and consulting services for first responders and medical providers, government and military entities, and private industry.  Our instructors have received national awards for their work and have extensive experience in the areas of chemical, biological and radiological response, fire department and emergency medical services operations and clinical education for healthcare providers.

For Additional Course Information, Contact:


Frank D. Docimo, CEO

Docimo and Associates, LLC




PO Box 135

Dane, WI 53529


Course Objectives:

+ Provide up to date  knowledge of the principles and practices for the use of PPE

+ Enable participants to play an important role in contamination prevention and control in the healthcare setting as related to the use of PPE


Onsite Classroom and Clinical Training Session

Docimo & Associates, LLC

Responder Training and Consulting since 1987

Education for Healthcare Professionals

This program complies with the requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.133 and 29 CFR 1910.134.  Topics of discussion include types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the proper use of PPE.  A UV light is utilized to demonstrate and practice the proper use and removal of personal protective equipment.