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Radiological Mitigation Tools™ (RMTs)


Now you can answer your radiological mitigation questions in seconds and without the need for mathematical calculations by utilizing the new Radiological Mitigation Tools (RMTs), made available exclusively by RadResponse!


Each Radiological Mitigation Tool™ (RMT) consists of a book of laminated quick-reference guides for use in the determination of radiological zones, entry times, and beta and gamma shielding, plus guides for response to common radiological incidents such as those involving Troxler™ gauges and source projectors. Each RMT also includes instructions on use and blank summary sheets which can be utilized to record data during an incident.


Radiological Zones

The guides for radiological zones are based on EPA and NCRP guidelines.


Entry Times

The guides for radiological entry times are based on EPA Protective Action Guidelines. 


Beta and Gamma Shielding

The guides for beta and gamma shielding are based on values used in science and industry. Several readily-available shielding materials are included in the guides, and a combination of shielding materials can be used.


Radiological Gauges & Devices

The guides for response to radiological incidents are based on industry technical data for various radiological gauges and devices.


Radiological Mitigation Tools™ are simplified so that no matter what level of hazmat training, any responder can utilize an RMT!


We offer different options for the purchase of Radiological Mitigation Tools™, and training is included as part of some options.

To request more information on purchase options and prices for Radiological Mitigation Tools™, please click on the link below.

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