In August 1979 13Q evolved into a more adult sound. No longer would
it be called 13Q. It became known by it's call letters 1320 WKTQ.
From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's Win Fanning ...
   13Q Matures, Aims For 25 - 49 Market
     As of this morning the radio station that broadcasts in Pittsburgh at 1320 on the AM dial plans to flex it's adult muscles.
     With a "dramatically expanded music play list" and a new emphasis on news and lifestyle informational segments, the station will put childish things behind it, drop its bubblegum-set nickname, 13Q, and be known henceforth as 1320-WKTQ.
     "We will be programming for the 25 to 49 year old group," Dick yankus, the general manager said, "with our 'lifestyle' features aimed at that segment of the population as well as our music."
     Yankus said he is looking into a network news service available in this market to supplement the station's own expanded news staff. "I think the age group we are trying to attract is interested in and entitled to know what's going on in the world," Yahnkus said.
A September, 1979 newspaper ad says...
Humming along to a radio station that barrages you with bubble
gum is like trying to make a get-away on a rocking horse.
     There have been so many "classic" songs recorded throught the years... how could we play one you didn't like? Why would anyone want to listen to the same top 40?

We play today's good music and the music that sounded good yesterday. Music by today's REAL musicians and yesterday's legends. Billy Joel. The Skyliners. Carole King. The Supremes. Al Stewart. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. All the greats. It's the kind of music your remember - not because it shouts at you - but because it's good. It's music for people whose tastes have grown up.

In October, 1979, 1320 WKTQ and McDonald's teamed up to give away a 9 day trip to Florida with the Fabulous Funshine Flyer to Florida. WKTQ was a more adult radio station than the 13Q days.
For the first time WKTQ had jingles on the air. On September 10, 1979,
Jingles were sung at the Dallas studios of TM Productions. Soon the
"Winning Score" jingle package was on the air at 1320 WKTQ.
(special thanks to Tracy Carmen and the Media Preservation Foundation)
(click for selected cuts from the WKTQ Winning Score Jingles)
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