The 13Q Labor Day Concerts
From the Pittsburgh Press, Sunday, September 1, 1974
Thanks to Bill Bland and Doug Greenlaw Memorabilia
"You've heard of Woodstock and the California Rock festival... Well 13Q is doing the concert of all time tomorrow, Labor Day. We have the largest sound system in North America by Cerwyn Vega (over 40,000 watts R.M.S.) cranking out music to you all over Pittsburgh. The live action starts at 3 P.M. off Point State Park from a floating stage larger than a football field! Just go to the river or listen in your own back yard. The floating concert is on the way! Listen to 13Q (1320 AM) for more information."
Pittsburgh Press writer Pete Bishop filed this report...

   The "biggest show in town" over the Labor Day weekend used to be champion Herefords and cotton candy at South park.
   This year it was rock 'n' roll at Three Rivers Stadium, as upwards of 40,000 filled most of the seats from bullpen to bullpen and picnicked on the plywood covered infield to the sounds of the Ozark Mountain Darevils, the Doobie Brothers and Chicago.