Thanks to 13Q's Jack Forsythe for these memories of 13Q
John Travolta visits 13Q
News Guy, John Travolta, Ray Zoller, Jack Forsythe and Don Cox
Jack Forsythe, Dennis Waters and Leo of the North accepting Gold for Barry Manilow
Andre True visits 13Q 
Jack Forsythe, Andre True, Ray Zoller Leo of the North, Buzz Brindle, Rick Hughes
13Q vs Foghat at Three Rivers Stadium
Jack Forsythe at 3rd base throwing to Rick Hughes at Home Plate
13Q's Jack Forsythe in the 13Q Music Office
13Q Booty Kickers Basketball Team
The Armoured Q and Michael Franks handing out Popsicles
13Q's Armoured Q on the move.
13Q Softball Team
Eric Chase, Doyle Peterson, Ray Zoller, Don Cox, Rod Price (Foghat)
Jack Forsythe, Captain Wrongway Peachfuzz, Rick Candea, Dennis Waters
Jack Forsythe, and Michael Sarzynski backstage
Fleetwood Mac / Eagles concert at Three Rivers Stadium.
Jack Forsythe and Rod Stewart