In 1974, KQV switched images and became 14K Musicradio

In mid to late 1972, KQV started moving away from top 40 in a more adult direction. The jingles no longer contained 14.  The feeling was that 14 meant "For Teen-agers".  Perry Marshall, formerly with WJAS, was now doing mid-days and had a much more mellow sound than KQV was used to. 

In 1973, Heftel bought WJAS and changed the format to Top 40 and 13Q was born.  13Q went right after KQV giving away tons of money.  A lot of the young audience made the switch to the "New Sound of 13Q". 

At ABC headquarters in New York, the decision was made to bring KQV back to a true Top 40 sound. In the spring of 1974, KQV became 14K.  Mel Phillips was KQV's program director at the time of the switch to 14K.  The man responsible for the change to 14K was Bob Henabery, who was working in NYC for the ABC group at the time. New Jingles were ordered, a new logo was designed, and for the first time KQV was called "Musicradio" just like WABC in New York, and WLS in Chicago. 

It was a change that really did not work.  In just a few months, 14K was gone. On July 2, 1974,  KQV was back again. 

14k Musicradio Logo
(Mel Phillips, Suzie Gooch, Jim Lloyd)
Bob Harvey & Unknown
Trolley painted with 14K logo
14K sent listeners to London to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America

(One of the final events sponsored by 14 K)
At the 14K Summer in the City
Bob DeCarlo discusses 14K Summer in the City with Guest
14K Summer in the City Photos courtesy Steve Doell
Sen John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center

This is the list of bands in the finals of the
14K Summer in the City Contest
(Thanks to John Gibbs)
Entry form for the 14K Senior Expo
Auhust 9 & 10th
14K Chime Jingle 14K ID
14K Musicradio 14K 14K Good Morning
14 Karat Gold 14K Giveaway Promo
George Hart Aircheck
May '74
Bob DeCarlo Aircheck
March 8, 1974
Bob DeCarlo Aircheck
June 14, 1974
Jeff Christie Aircheck
Bob DeCarlo Aircheck
Good Friday April 12, 1974
Jeff Christie Aircheck
Good Friday April 12, 1974
Larry Clark Aircheck
Rick Shaw Aircheck
April 11, 1974
14K Muscualr Dystrophy Promo 14K Great Summer
Getaway Promo
14K Station Composite
(includes some airchecks from above)
14K Great Summer
Getaway Promos
14K DeFranco Family
Concert Contest Promos
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