3WS Jingles...
Part of the presentation of 3WS has been great jingles. All the way back to the WWSW-AM days, the jingles were a part of the show. In fact, WWSW-AM had some of the first radio ID jingles ever produced. Eric Siday & Ginger Johnson produced the WWSW jingles in 1948. WPEZ had the Penetrators jingles produced by TM. When the switch was made to 3WS, the choice was JAM Creative Services in Dallas. Jon Wolfert of JAM tells me the first package was "a 16 cut composite of Pro/Mod, Class Action and Positron for them in September 1980." When the switch was made to oldies, 3WS chose the Drake 88 package from Otis Conner. Tony Griffin engineered the package. Most recently, 3WS went back to Tony Griffin Productions for their jingle needs.
Johnson Siday
WWSW-am Jingles 1948

WPEZ TM Penetrators Jingles

Musicradio 3WS 1980 Sample

3WS Drake 88 Sample

3WS Super Hits Plus 60s & 70s Jingle Demo
3WS Super Hits 3 Jingle Demo
3WS Super Hits 4 Jingle Demo
Special thanks to Richie Norris & John Pizzi for the WPEZ Jingles and Jim Merkel from 3WS for the WWSW Johnson Siday Jingles. More are to follow soon.