Groovy QV...

How did KQV get the nickname Groovy QV ?

It was inspired by WQXI in Atlanta, Georgia. Here's the story from John Rook, KQV's program director from 1964 - 1967.

"How many remember when Kent Burkhart was head honcho at WQXI Atlanta?  The program director was a young fella named Paul Drew. As Program Director of KQV  in Pittsburgh I still remember our programming conversations all those years ago. Radio stations had just begun to find ways to add names or slogans that the listener could remember them by. WQXI, known as "Qxie in Dixie"challenged me to begin searching for a slogan or nic name that would separate KQV from the markets only other "K" radio station...KDKA.  Thus "Groovy QV" was born at a time when Groovy was the "in" expression for things OK or hip."

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