The Dana Harmon Collection...
Dana Harmon was KOOL 94.9's first general manager.
Dana was at KOOL at the sign-on for KISS 95 in October, 1988. Dana was the architect along with Al Brock of KOOL 94.9 in 1989. In May, 1993, Dana moved to Columbus, Ohio and WBNS-AM/FM.
Steve Varner, Bill Trousdale, Neil Howard and Leah Alexander of KISS 95
KOOL 94.9's 1st program director Al Brock & consultant Mike McVay
Rescue 949 and Kommander Kool
KOOL 94.9's Tod Jeffers
The 30 foot tall KOOL Jukebox At the GTO Club for a KOOL Car Show
KOOL 94.9's Adnrea Riso and attorney Corky Goldstein. Bob Rudy is seen at top.
KOOL 94.9's engineer George Wright
Keith & Donna Nelson
Dana Harmon with Tim & Mrs. McCauley
Kommander Kool
KISS 95 Sign
KOOL Sales Manager Mike Baer
KOOL Box Truck
KOOL Kids - Dana's nieces Keri & Erics

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