KOOL Personalities & Staff ... Where Are They Now
This page updated November 7, 2010
Chris Andree Chris lives in the Harrisburg area and works for Clear Channel Harrisburg as Production Director. He can be heard overnites on The River 97.3 WRVV.
Jack Bowers Jack is a supervisor at QVC in Philadelphia.
Jim Buchanan Jim works for WPMT FOX 43. Jim has been FOX 43's main meterologist since 1995.
Magic Christian Magic Christian passed away from cancer on July 2, 2010 in Iowa.
Scooter Alan Fortney Scooter lives in the Harrisburg area and has his own voice over company, TakeMyVoice.com ,
R. J. Harris R.J. made the transition for disc jockey to talk show host. R.J. is morning host and program director at WHP-AM.
Kevin Hilley Kevin works at 94.3 Kat Country as the host of the Hilley & Hart morning show in Jefferson City, Missouri.
D.J. Hobie Hobie still works over nights for Clear Channel Harrnsburg.
Neil Howard Neil teaches Holocaust Studies as an adjunct professor at Penn State Harrisburg.  He also works as a freelance voice-over talent and performs disc jockey work at private parties on weekends.
Tod Jeffers Tod passed away at his home in Wheeling, West Virginia on March 1, 2009 from a heart attack at the age of 67.
Jimmy Lee Jimmy has returned to the Harrisburg area and doee voice and acting work.
Bobbi Marks Bobbi lives in the New York City area. She works for a lighting company and also teaches ice skating.
Sylvia Maus Sylvia works for Clear Channel as a Public Affairs Director and Talk Show Host of Eight Radio Stations.
J.P. McCartney J.P. lives in Carlisle and is the music director and midday host at WIKZ, MIX 95.1 in Chambersburg. J.P. also has created radio staion tribute sites including this one and WKBO in Harrisburg, also stations in Pittsburgh, Chicago and others.
Nancy Ryan Nancy lives in the Harrisburg area and is the morning host of the Nancy & Newman show on WRBT, BOB 94.9
Dave Shafer Dave Shafer can be heard weekends on 96.1 WSOX.
Artie Shultz Artie lives in Chambersburg and can be heard afternoons on WIKZ, MIX 95.1 in Chambersburg, Artie is also program director of WDLD, Wild 96.7 in Hagerstown, Md.
Jay Smith Jay works for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is producer of PA Radio News Service.
Drivin' Dave St. John
(Al Brock)
Drivin' Dave (Al Brock) is now an Independent Record Promotion Exec, currently residing in Nashville TN. Most recently he was Program Director at WIOV AM/FM from July 2007-July 2009.
Dan Steele Dan is the producers and is part of the R.J. Harris in the morning show on WHP-AM
Dave Troutman
(Kommander KOOL)
Dave is Director of Operations of the Total Traffic Network in Harrisburg. Dave can be heard on the weekday morning commute on BOB 94.9, the River 97.3 and WHP 580 AM
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