Tod & Nancy on The New KOOL 94.9
The first hour of Tod & Nancy on the New Kool 94.9 from Columbus Day, October 9, 1989.  Tim McCauley with news and Carmen with Traffic
(courtesy of Al Brock)
The New KOOL 94.9 Composite
Tod & Nancy, Kommander Kool, Scooter Alan Fortney,
Drivin' Dave St. John, Jay Smith, Bob Rudy (courtesy of Al Brock)
KOOL 94.9 Nancy Ryan and Jay Smith
Tod was on vacation. This is Nancy Ryan with Jay Smith
(courtesy of Jay Smith)
Magic Christian on The New KOOL 94.9
Magic Christian came to Harrisburg to be part of the staff at the short-lived B 97.3. After the station switched formats, Magic Christian joined KOOL 94.9 for a few weekends before reurning to the West Coast.
(courtesy of Al Brock)
J.P. McCartney on KOOL 94.9 FM
It's a Beatles Weekend on KOOL 94.9 FM August 23, 1993.
J.P. McCartney was part of the KOOL airstaff for 8 years. J.P. is now on middays on WIKZ, MIX 95.1 in Chambersburg. (courtesy of J.P. McCartney)
Jay Smith news with R.J. Harris on KOOL 94.9
Jay Smith newscast from December 1, 1994 with R.J. Harris on KOOL 94.9
(courtesy of Jay Smith)
Scooter Alan Fortney on KOOL 99.3
The Scootman on KOOL Kartunes. Scooter was the original morning host on KISS 95. He was also the host for a time on the KOOL Kafe.
(courtesy of Scooter Alan Fortney)
Chris Andree on KOOL 99.3
Chef Chris Andree was the long time host of the KOOL Kafe on KOOL 94.9 and KOOL 99.3 (courtesy of Chris Andree)
Scooter Alan Fortney on KOOL 99.3 & KOOL 1460
Scooter drivin' ya home with KOOL Kartunes. KOOL Kartunes on KOOL 99.3 and KOOL 1460 AM .(courtesy of Scooter Alan Fortney)
Artie Shultz on KOOL 94.9
Artie took over 7 - midnight on KOOL 99.3 in September 1997.This aircheck was from early September 1997. Artie is now on afternoons on WIKZ,
MIX 95.1 in Chambersburg. (courtesy of Artie Shultz)
The Kiss 95 Presentation
Before KOOL, it was KISS 95. This composite is narrated by
Neil Howard. (courtesy of Al Brock)
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