KOOL Personalities (air staff, news and traffic) ...
Denny Alexander (Program Director)
Chris Andree *
Phil Bloom
Jack Bowers
Tom Brown
Jim Buchanan
Magic Christian
John Christopher
Brian Cleary
Scooter Alan Fortney
R. J. Harris (Program Director)
Carmen Henry Harris  (Traffic)
Neil Howard
Tod Jeffers
Scott Johnson
Kevin Hilley
DJ Hobie
Lola Lawson
Jimmy Lee
Laura Lee
Bobbi Marks
Sylvia Maus
J. P. McCartney
Tim McCauley (News)
Bob Myers
Bob Morgan
Don Rooney (News)
Lauren Rooney (News)
Bob Rudy
Nancy Ryan
Mike Scalzi
Mark Shade 
Dave Shafer
Tom Shannon (Program Director)
Steve Sheridan
Artie Shultz
Jay Smith (Traffic & News)
Drivin' Dave St John (Al Brock) (Program Director)
Dan Steele (Program Director)
Dale Summers
Dave-O Thompson
Rick Tower
Dave Troutman (Kommander KOOL)
KOOL Off Air Staff (sales, engineering, remote crew) ...
Julie Arke (Traffic Director)
Jack Armstrong (Sales)
Melvin (Bud) Auker (Remote Crew)
Mike Baer (General Sales Manager)
Joe Battista (General Sales Manager)
Julia Beale (Sales)
Rick Beddow (Remote Crew)
Paula Burke (Creative Services)
Seth Dunbar (sales)
Flo Fisher (Sales)
Holly Fountain (Receptionist)
Anne Franklin (Traffic)
Bobby Gray (Engineer)
Robin Gray (Remote Crew)
Dana Harmon (General Manager)
Patti Hivner (Traffic)
Lionel Lester (Sales)
Elissa Lock (Sales)
Todd Matthews (Sales)
Julie Morrow (Sales)
Michael Parks (Creative Services)
Jill Parnes (Sales)
Denise Primak (Remote Crew)
Pete Primak (Remote Crew)
Dave Radcliffe(Remote Crew)
Andrea Riso  (Promotions Director)
Ron Roy (General Manager)
Scott Miller (Promtion Director)
Karrie Smiley (Sales Coordinator)
Jodi Boyer Sowers (Remote Crew)
Carol Spanitz (Director of Busness Affairs)
Jeff Spanitz (Renote Crew)
Kathy Sutton (Sales)
Bill Trousdale (Sales)
Jeff Vanderbeck (Sales)
Steve Varner (Sales)
Jeff Waukeen (Sales Manager / General Manager)
Chris Wegmann (GM)
Brad Weirich (Renote Crew)
Brian Williams (Creative Services)
George Wright (Engineer)
Adam Ziegler (Renote Crew)
more to follow...
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