KQV Program Director John Rook first brought the KQV Boatmobile to Pittsburgh in 1964. "I 
gave birth to the KQVehicle in the early spring of 64 ... a big flood hit Pittsburgh ... I called ABC and asked  for a boat / car  ... one like my old competitor in Denver had .... and sure nuff ... they had the damn thing shipped to us .... three or four months after it was needed for the flood ....
so after using it that summer ... we gave it away in a contest."
It was during the summer of 1966, that KQV
gave away the KQV Boatmobile, an amphibious car that also went in the water with the KQV Safe Driving Quiz. Thanks to Ron Mocadlo of North Huntingdon, Pa. for providing the June 28, 1966 KQV Finest Forty Survey with the pictures.

KQV Boatmobile on Land.

KQV Boatmobile along river

KQV Boatmobile along Smithfield Street