For most of KQV's Top 40 era, the station used jingles provided by PAMS of Dallas. KQV used jingles from many of these PAMS series... 
Series 15 ... Living Radio Series 17 ... New Frontier Series 18 ... Sonosational
Series 19 ... Personality Themes Series 24 ... His And Her Radio Series 26 ... All American
Series 27 ... Jet Set  Series 29 ... Radio Au-Go-Go Series 31 ... Music Explosion
Series 40 ... Changes Series 41 ... Music Radio Series 42 A ... The Igniters
Series 43 ... Textures Series 44 ... The Music's On Us WRC
Clyde Q Phoenix
Christmas '73 Custom Acapella 1967 Custom Acapella 1968
Custom Acapella 1969 Christmas Grid 1969 1970 Grid
Custom 1971 Custom 14 K Drake Style Acapellas 1968 
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In 1970 and 1971, KQV program director Bob Harper also bought some additional custom grid cuts for the jocks hired after Mike McCormick left. He also bought Cut 6 from PAM Series 34 C "Music Pow Pow Power". It was used at the top of the hour coming out of the news. "DJ name 14 KQV, Another Hour of Music Pow Pow Power !" These are the only PAMS jingles produced for KQV that have never been found.

On August 25, 2011...
Jon Wolfert of PAMS Productions recreated the KQV version of Series 34 C, cut 6 for KQV for me.
When this aired on KQV sound effects were added. They have been added to version 2, Also included here is the Bob Wood Version from a 1971 KQV aircheck. Notice the difference in the audio. The new versions are direct from the new recording whlle the Bob Wood version was processed for am radio in 1971.

The singers were:Abby Holmes, Kay Sharpe. Bruce Wermuth. John Hooper, and Jeff Oxley.(l to r)

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If you've ever thought of having a classic PAMS jingle re-sung for you using the orignal PAMS music tracks, visit the Personal Cuts Page of the PAMS Website.