The Death Of Paul McCartney - Fact or Fiction
Magazine covers from
1969 discussing the Paul Is Dead Rumors.
In October of 1969, a rumor circulated that Paul McCartney of The Beatles was dead. On October 21, 1969 KQV's Chuck Brinkman and Jim Quinn and music analyst Dan Kelley hosted a program called The Death Of Paul McCartney - Fact or Fiction on KQV. KQV Newsman Bob Harvey and Jay Davis also participated. The show dealt with those rumors. A friend of a friend of mine, David Hoffman recorded the program. While the quality of the recording is less than perfect, it is great to be able to present this portion of that night.
The Death Of Paul McCartney - Fact Or Fiction Show

This portion of the show lasts 61 minutes with the music edited out.
Here are some of the memories sent in to the website from our memories section.

"On the night of October 21, 1969, Chuck Brinkman and Jim Quinn hosted a show on KQV called "The Death Of Paul McCartney- Fact or Fiction". Does anybody have any tapes of this show? I remember the show vividly as The Beatles were and are my favorite band and the show aired on my 12th Birthday." 
... Mark Hoffman (2/09/03)

"By far my top KQV memory is the night, we were working on the senior Homecoming float, and Chuck Brinkman got on and announced "Paul McCartney was dead."  The whole night they played clues from the Beatles albums to figure it out.  That was groovy QV.
Good work.   Thanks for the memories"
... Dan Wagner (08/22/02)

"And how about all the Beatles trivia, concerning the rumor that Paul was dead, playing records backwards and such. That was a long time ago when I was a teen in the early sixties. So, that was my 2 cents worth of trivia."
... Jim Hirsch, Bethel Park, Pa. (08/21/02)

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