Q and A with
Chuck Brinkman
April 21, 2003
1. What radio personality influenced you into getting into radio?
A: Bill Randle - WERE, Cleveland

2. Which KQV contest or promotion was your favorite?
A: Shower of Stars Concert

3. What moment was the highlight of your long-time at KQV?
A: Intro to Beatles 9/14/64

4. Of all the personalities you worked with at KQV, which one(s) were your favorite(s) to listen to?
A: Rex Miller

5. If you had to pick one hit song you played at KQV, which one did you really hate?
A: "They're Coming to Take You Away" - Napoleon XIV

6. What was your favorite jingle or jingle package from your days at KQV?
A: Audio 14 SongVox