Q and A with
Todd Chase
February 16, 2009
1. What radio personality influenced you into getting into radio?
A: I grew up in Shawano Wisconsin and we listened to WAPL in Appleton (40 Miles away) mainly to a guy named Bob Bandy.
2. Which KQV contest or promotion was your favorite?
A. My favorite promotion was to have my face blown up to the size of the entire back of a giant Pepsi truck and then printed and put on all the Pepsi trucks throughout Pittsburgh. Ppretty self serving, but very cool too.
3. What moment was the highlight of your time at KQV?
A: First of all, getting the JOB. Iit was my first Major Market gig. It was fun broadcasting in downtown Pittsburgh in a Showcase Window studio, where the kids could stand outside and watch you work!! Every day was about the same. Lots of fun, but lots of pressure as well.

4. Of all the personalities you worked with at KQV, which one(s) were your favorite(s) to listen to?
A: Fred Winston, who later went on to fame and fortune in Chicago. One time there was a garbage strike in Pittsburgh and garbage was stinking all over place cause it was not being picked up. So at the beginning of one of Fred's shows, he said he was flying in a giant deoderant pad from Cleveland. He then proceeded, with sound effect of 4 copters with talk between Fred and the Pilots to fly the pad, to Pittsburgh and ended his show with the sound effect of the pad squishing on top of the City!!! Very funny. AND his show the morning after a News Years Eve Party is a Classic!!!!
Coming in second was the now famous Kris Erik Stevens, who I worked with at KOIL and KQV, and was the Best Man at my Wedding when he was at WLS in Chicago.

5. If you had to pick one hit song you played at KQV, which one did you really hate?
A: First of all, the one thatl everyone LOVED was Hey Jude by the Beatles, the greatest BATHROOM Song ever released for top forty cause it was nearly 7 minutes long!!! Before that for years it was the four minute El Paso by Marty Robbins. I once told a girl that I was dating what I was doing when that song was being played on KOIL, so when she was at a drive in movie with a guy and listening to the station between movies, she was kissing this guy when El Passo came on and she cracked up laughing, .in the middle of the kiss because she pictured in her mind what I was doing!!!! Actually at any top forty station you learned to hate all the songs because of the heavy rotation, that is except for Hey Jude.

6. What was your favorite jingle or jingle package from your days at KQV?
A: Favorite Jingle has to the ones that sang or chanted your name. However because my name was so short,.it sounded choppy, not like "Robert W Morgan, or Fred Winston.

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