Q and A with
Bob DeCarlo
April 20, 2003
1. What radio personality influenced you into getting into radio?
A: Blaine Harvey, who later became Dan Donovan at WMEX, WFIL and other stations. He's still working at the oldies station in Minneapolis-St. Paul, although we've lost contact over the past 15 years.

2. Which KQV contest or promotion was your favorite?
A: My favorite promotion was the fight song we wrote for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They didn't have one up to that point, and I made a big deal out of it on my  show. So Bob Harper the P.D. worked a deal with National Record Mart, had the song recorded by Jimmy Pol (to the tune of the Pennsylvania Polka - we wrote the lyrics), and sold the single through the stores, turning the profits over to charity. The Steelers actually adopted the song as their theme, and still use it today although with different lyrics.

3. What moment was the highlight of your long-time at KQV?
A: Recording and releasing Convention '72. You have no idea what a kick it is to see your whacko creation move up to the Top 10 in Billboard.

4. Of all the personalities you worked with at KQV, which one(s) were your favorite(s) to listen to?
A: By far Jim Quinn. What a talent!! Chuck (Brinkman) second.

5. If you had to pick one hit song you played at KQV, which one did you really hate?
A: Which Way You Going Billy? God,  I HATED that song.

6. What was your favorite jingle or jingle package from your days at KQV?
A: By the time I got there, the great PAMS packages were things of the past. Short Jingles and Jock Shouts were kinda normal and not terribly exciting. My favorite all- time package was PAMS Series #27 Jet Set featuring the high soprano voice of Gleni Tai. I also liked Series #33 - Fun Vibrations. We had them at WICE in Providence while I was working there as a jock and later P.D.