Q and A with
Larry Aiken
May 28, 2003
1. What radio personality influenced you into getting into radio?
A: Began thinking about becoming a "radio guy" at age 7 by rigging a tin can "microphone" and broadcasting out my bedroom window for the 2 older ladies who lived next door.  A few years later I became a huge fan of Duke King, WGBF in Evansville,IN (my hometown).  At age 17 I was hired to do 8PM - Midnight on WEOA, and Duke King left Evansville for a great stay at KOA, Denver.

2. Which KQV contest or promotion was your favorite?
A: Creating the KQV HI HOOPERS basketball team.

3. What moment was the highlight of your time at KQV?
A: As music director I had the opportunity to break a couple of major hit records: "DUKE OF EARL"  (Gene Chandler) and "ROSES ARE RED" (Bobby Vinton).

4. Of all the personalities you worked with at KQV, which one(s) were your favorite(s) to listen to?
A: 3 favorites: Chuck Daughtery, Chuck Brinkman and Rod Roddy

5. If you had to pick one hit song you played at KQV, which one did you really hate?
A: "CALCUTTA" by Lawrence Welk

6. What was your favorite jingle or jingle package from your days at KQV?
A: My memory blurs - I loved them all!