Q and A with
Kris Stevens
May 29, 2003
1. What radio personality influenced you into getting into radio?
A: I used to pick up Clark Weber on WLS .....when he did the all night show called "East of Midnight",
I always thought he was a tremendously talented Air Personality.

2. Which KQV contest or promotion was your favorite?
A: When I did the "bring back Jim Quinn" promotion (for selfish reasons)...so I could depart KQV gracefully to get to my lifetime goal station...WLS.  To my knowledge that's the first time an Air Personality was ever allowed out of a contract to go from one ABC radio station to another ... 

3. What moment was the highlight of your long-time at KQV?
A: It was a whirl wind gig for me...I was in and out of Pittsburgh in 5 months....as I had met John Rook @ WLS while I was traveling thru Chicago to take the KQV gig....  I wanted 'LS... and Rook wanted me in Chicago, so it was a matter of arriving @ KQV in September of 1968... and departing to be on the air at WLS by 2/14/69.  (Valentines Day) 

4. Of all the personalities you worked with at KQV, which one(s) were your favorite(s) to listen to?
A: Freddie Winston....he's a great guy and an extraordinary air talent.  We did Omaha, Pittsburgh, and Chicago together...he was always only a few months behind me at each of those cities/stations.

5. If you had to pick one hit song you played at KQV, which one did you really hate?
A: "Those Were The Days"  by some broad who I can't even remember her name... (Mary Hopkin)

6. What was your favorite jingle or jingle package from your days at KQV?
A: I think the Pams Package that Mike McCormick came up with was an improvement over the short/fast 14 KQV package they had there when I arrived.