Radio Revue
   KQV Joins ABC
   Network Tomorrow

Radio Writer

     Not yet two weeks old, the New Year has brought a new radio station to the local airlanes.
     Tomorrow is kick-off day for the new KQV, now a basic affilliate of the American Broadcasting Network. The network, which we used to refer to as ABC or the American Broadcasting Co. now prefers to be known as ABN.
     KQV, however, will retain it's call letters. And since the station is one of the oldest in the nation, it seems fitting that the old and familiar call letters are to remain on district dials.
     The new look - or listen - at KQV will feature, of all things, a lengthy schedule of "live" radio. Under the guidance of it's new manager, Ralph Beaudin, the station will play less records than any local outlet.
     This innovation results from the switch in policy at ABN which now airs several hour long live music and chatter shows throughout the day and has scrapped its soap operas and runed in its Elvis Presley fan card.
     At 6 a.m. tomorrow, the new era begins officially as Chuck Dougherty, the station's new waker upper takes to the air. Dougherty, who has wooed the early risers in Miami and Omaha prior to coming here, is billed as a "bright new personality" who uses imaginary characters.
     Since Cordic & Co. is the only morning show here currently trading on imagination, there should be room in the market for a little more of the all too rare commodity.
     Throughout the day a whole host of well known personalities will offer their wares to area dial twisters. At 9 a.m. Don McNeil and his Breakfast Club will get things under way, followed by hour long shows starring Herb Oscar Anderson, Jim Reeves and Jim Backus plus an early evening live ABN show starring Singer Personality Merv Griffin.
     The station's afternn dee jay (from 3 to 6) will be Sam Holman, a newcomer from Omaha. The post 9 p.m. record spinning will feature the familiar voice of Dave Scott. News will be heard at five minutes before each hour and headlines at 25 minutes past the hour.