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In addition to being a station personality and traffic reporter. Dave Edwards also was responsible for shooting the pictures that appeared on the weekly music surveys.
Captain Dave was also the unofficial Asst. Engineer at WKBO  because of his background in electronics (hobby). This is a shot of Dave working on an the electronics of an Ampex R/R deck. (August 1977)

Towards the end Dave drove a grey International Scout. This shot was posed in the parking lot with me holding the RPU mike. (1980)
This is Lou Raymond in the old control room at 31 N. Second St. That's the old 1938 RCA console in front of him, the GRA-Lab timer was used to talk up the songs (linked to the "START" toggle for the cart machines - Pre-set the time and it starts counting down when you start them).  The mikes were all AKG D-1000E's. Same sound in every room. The wire carousel rack behind Lou was for the music. Between the mike and Lou's head you can see the Miratel "Air Alert" Conelrad receiver, which I now have sitting in my cellar. Still works.  The beehive light below it was connected to either the inside "Must Answer" phone line, or the door buzzer. Can't remember which any more. Above the Miratel were 2 ATC 19 inch rack-mount cart machines. There were 3 others on the opposite side of the console. The rack-mount cart bin behind Lou held the jingles and special purpose carts.  Above that was the air-monitor amp (his cans are plugged into it), and above that was the studio R/R tape deck, used for doing air-checks, and playing tapes on the air as needed. Just about where the camera was when this picture was taken there were 2 16" RCA transcription turntables in floor cabinets. The rumble factor in those old beasts was quite high. Then again, the acoustic properties of the control room were pretty pathetic, and with the window air conditioner a mere 15 feet from the operators position the noise was too loud to even hear the TT rumble.
Rick Shockley was a freshman at the station when this was taken. New to the staff and younger than I care to remember. The picture was shot on the roof of the building at 31 N. 2nd St. (March 1973)
The WKBO 1972 Summer Mustang Sprint. WFEC was giving away a Chevy Vega that year, and tossing away the promotion by doing it very poorly on the air. Along came Alexander and we showed them how to do a promotion properly. The "WKBO Bikini Queens", another Alexander brainstorm, are Pat and Jackie.
This was a customized Ford Pinto Wagon. By '77 the steam was running out of originality in promotions and we were doing the old "Spot The Bumper-Sticker" giveaway. I drove the car once or twice. It was a pig with a fancy paint-job. (August 1977)
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