All About Fred Adams

Standing but 5 feet 7 inches here is a gentleman tall in stature on the air. A ten year radio veteran to broadcasting, Fred joined us in October from one of our farm clubs. Athletic Fred swims and runs for exercise as often as he can ... and we can't understand whay after all that, he's still fat! Seriously, every day Fred swims a half a mile and runs a mile on top of that. Someone should tell him about bridges and automobiles! Unassuming and sincere, Fred holds the weekends together at WKBO. Catch him Saturday night and Midnight and Sunday evening at 6 P.M. Listen hard because Fred is so quick you'll have trouble if you don't pay attention ... and may we ask questions at the end of the show .......

(from the December 8, 1972 Harrisburg's Top 30)

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