All About J.C. Floyd

One of the fastest men on two feet in the State of Pennsylvania ... that's J.C. Floyd. WKBO got interested in J.C. when he became interested in radio work early this summer. Now a senior at Susquehanna Township Senior high School and first team running back for the Susquehanna Indians, J.C. plans to study audio engineering in college. Originally from Kansas, he and his family moved to the Capitol City about a year ago. His energy is overshadowed only by his determination to get where he wants to go.

When not studying and working J.C. is tuned into "progressive" rock and diggin' what's happening on the radio ... but that's so rare an occasion he really doesn't get to enjoy the luxury of relaxation. You'll find him on your tubes Saturday night 6 to Midnight. Check him out ... J.C. Get's It On at THE ROCK!

(from the October 6, 1972 Harrisburg's Top 30)

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