All About Lou Raymond

The big voice of Lou Raymond hits with the dynamite of music for a fantastic combination at Midnight on WKBO. Lou is originally from New Jersey and after kicking around for a numbre of years finally decided on a career in radio and we're really glad he did! Now that he's found his palce in life no one can tear him from it. When he's done in the morning you'll find him "goofing around with the equiment" finding new sounds for the air sound of WKBO. His mind is always alive with some unusual though with a touch of irony in it. He laughs at his own jokes but that's alright because everyone else does, too! In this very demanding business of communications Lou has developed his style and delivery faster than most and in much less time than most. our 25 year old radio pro is 5 feet 10 inches tall, with brown eyes and a thick crop of hair which defies color description. So for that matter does the real Lou Raymond. you have to hear him to psych him ... Midnight at WKBO!

(from the November 10, 1972 Harrisburg's Top 30)

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