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The first three years of WKBO's Top 40 format had been filled with great growth and prosperity. The station consistently had scored 12 + shares in mid teens, a solid #2 behind WHP, a station whose only real asset was perennial King of Harrisburg Mornings, Ron Drake. Besides, KBO was number one across the board in demos under 35. They got a new transmitter site, long awaited new studios and had turned an also-ran underdog into a winner, while doing some pretty darn compelling radio.
Then, in the Summer of 1975, Bob Alexander left the station creating a void for both a morning show and a program director. Al Dame decided on hiring Dan Steele, who had spent the last 2 + years at WPGC in Washington. Dan was also the same guy who had worked at KBO using the name Lou Raymond. Dan's first order of business was changing the positioner from "The Rock Of Harrisburg" to "Musicradio". Here's Dan to explain:
"During the time I was in Washington I maintained a friendship with most of the people I had worked with in Harrisburg and I had really enjoyed working for Al Dame. I decided it was time for me to learn management if I was going to make a long term career out of radio. I had already made it in a big city and knew I could compete there, so I was ready to settle down and look for a nice place to raise a family. Al made me an offer to "come back home" and be the PD. It was great to come back and work with people I liked and respected for what they had already accomplished after my departure.WKBO had really kicked some butt with "the Rock of Harrisburg" so I did not want to upset the apple cart with a lot of drastic changes. I felt that their name was somewhat limiting however and if we wanted to grow the station more and increase adult listening, we might be better served by using the same "Music Radio" logo that was being used so successfully in Washington as well as Chicago and other city's. So I got a budget from Al Dame that would allow us to buy new jingles."
The first WKBO Music Radio jingle package was produced in Dallas
by The Sundance Organization. You can play a sample below.
The Sundance Organization
"I also got Al to allow me to give each of my on air staff a raise. Not a big one but I thought it was important to show these people that I wanted them to be part of my team and I valued their input. Bob Alexander had left the station, which opened a hole in morning drive.  Al and I had decided to give the morning show to John St John because he was the top guy in the market and had developed a huge  following in afternoon drive. I was going to do afternoons and John mornings. We tried this for a couple of weeks but John had some health issues develop and we needed to give him some time off. I jumped in to AM drive to fill in and when John was ready to come back to work it was mutually decided that he would go back to his old afternoon drive slot and I would stay in mornings working with Carol Crissey who was doing the news. Well I soon found that Carol had become very popular by doing a couple of 5 minute news casts an hour and interacting with the morning man just a couple of times an hour. I decided if Carol was that popular why don't we use her for the whole hour and get some one else to do the news. Well that was the birth of "Steele and Crissey" and Harrisburg's
first male/female full time morning team was on the air. What fun 
Steele & Crissey Jingles
we had, she was very talented and it became a legendary show of sorts.The next change was midday's, Charlie Adams was not
happy with the changes we had implemented and decided he wanted to do something else with his life and so he moved on. I started looking for a new midday guy and found Jim Buchanan doing the all night show in Cleveland at WGAR. Jim had also worked major market radio and had got that bug out of his mind and wanted to come back home to Pa. He was originally from Robesonia and fit right in with my plans to make WKBO sound like a major market station with a major market attitude. Jim had a great voice, excelled in the production room and was into music, jingles and "the sound of the station".
During the "Rock Of Harrisburg", one of the tools in Bob Alexander's arsenal was speeding up the music slightly to make your competitor seem "draggy" by comparison. The was achieved by put splicing tape around the capstan of the turntable. For consistency, engineer Gary McGill went as far as having custom capstans milled for that purpose. When Dan got there, he returned the music to the correct speed. Here's Dan with more:
"When I came back to Harrisburg the first thing I noticed was the music had been sped up. One of the first things Bob Alexander had done when the station went top 40 was speed up the turntables just a bit. He wanted to make us a little snappier than WFEC. Well WFEC figured it out so they sped up their turntables a little bit to sound snappier than us. Then Bob said "oh yea' listen to this" and he had the engineer speed ours up a little more and of course they said "oh yea listen to this" back and forth it went.  Well they whole thing had gotten out of hand so when I came in I told our engineer to get the table's back to 45rpm right away. Well suddenly our station sounded like a major market station and WFEC sounded Mickey Mouse."
Fantasy in the Bicentennial year . . .

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