WKBO remained in the adult contemporary format arena for the next six years or so. Sometimes the station was softer and more gold-based, other times more contemporary and upbeat. Here's a rough timeline of the post Top 40 years:
Spring 1981 The reverb, a part of the WKBO audio chain since the 1-2-3 Radio KB days is turned off.
WKBO becomes a Philadelphia Phillies affiliate.
Fall 1981 Betsy Kaye leaves and is replaced by Bill Trousdale on the 10 AM - 2 PM shift.
The Larry King Show is picked up Midnight - 5 AM, becoming WKBO's first talk show.
January 1982 Harrisburg was changing as Stephen Reed was first elected "mayor for life".
Russ Small and Heidi Kramer leave. With Tim Burns now solo, the morning show is now called "Breakfast With Burns".
Fall 1982 The "Harrisburg, A Special Place to Be" positioner is scrapped. The station is now called: "Radio 1230, WKBO The Best Show in Town" WKBO Weekend Magazine, with themed vignettes, info pieces and music, is inaugurated.
WKBO picks up NBC's Talknet with Bruce Williams and Sally Jesse Raphael. WKBO is now talk 8PM - 5 AM, 7 days a week.
Early 1985 Tim Burns leaves for WNNK and Chris Andree leaves for Sunny 99, WSFM. The last of the Top Forty staff is gone. 
"Big Ang" is hired as PD and mornings, but doesn't last long. Kevin Fennessy is hired as PD/mornings as "Fennessy and Friends"
1985 WKBO once again courts civic pride, buying new jingles that tout: "Harrisburg, The All-American City".
1986 1986 R.J. Harris becomes Al Dame's partner and is named PD/
Mornings. Dan Steele briefly returns for middays. R.J.purchases TM's "The Winning Score" jingles.
1987 1987 WKBO switches format to Satellite Music Network's "Pure Gold" format. The station, known as "1230 Gold" is now only live in AM drive with PD Bob Morgan and in PM drive with Bruce Collins, who had board opped the "Larry King Show" in 1982-83. Although the station's programming could be automated, live bodies had to load the spots because KBO had no automation.
1989 WKBO switches to all news as "Headline News 1230", airing the audio feed of CNN Headline plus local news.
1991 1991 KBO gets a ratings spike with its coverage of the Gulf war.
1992 1992 WKBO briefly goes dark because Al Dame purchases WHP AM and FM and current FCC rules only allow ownership of one AM and one FM per market. WKBO soon returns as rules are modified. At first it simulcasts 97.3 WRVV, but then returns to Headline News as a brand extension of sister WHP, calling itself "WHP 1230". That identity is short lived.
1995 1995 WKBO gets another ratings spike with its non-stop coverage Of the O.J. Simpson trial.
Late 1990's WKBO switches format to Adult Standards with "The Music Of Your Life". Dan Steele returns one more time as PD and Morning man.
1999 1999 Dame media sells WKBO along with WHP, WRVV, WRBT, WWKL and others to Clear Channel Communications.
2001 Clear Channel enters into a Local Marketing Agreement of WKBO to One Heart Ministries and WKBO becomes "Fortress 1230"
Today WKBO continues today as "Fortress 1230". Ironically, its competition is a station that wasn't on even on air in 1972 . WWII is called "AM 720:The Rock"

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