WKBO - The John St. John Collection - Page 1
John St.John on the hardwood
with WKBO's Ferocious Five
Basketball Team.
John alive and well, returns to the seen of the crime along the sun-drenched banks of the Susquehanna at Harrisburg's City Island in the Summer of 2005.
John St.John in the WKBO Production Room
WKBO personalities
Captain Dave, John St.John, Charlie Adams
Bob Alexander and Jim Roberts
John St.John as he appeared on his first WKBO Survey
John St.John 1978 Caricature
John St.John in WKBO studio in 1976
John St.John in WKBO studio in 1976
John St.John with #1 fan John Kopenheffler.
Note the Saint's hot red triumph TR-7.
It was good to be a jock in 1977!
KBO's Charlie Adams carries the big fresh flavor
John St.John Interviews Alice Cooper at
 the Holiday Inn in Mechanicsburg in 1975. 

A contest winner, Harry Chapin, local Warner Brothers Rep,
and John St.John. A part of WKBO's "3 Ring Circus" in 1973

1995 WKBO Staff Reunion
front: "aptain" Dave Edwards, Freddie Adams, Rick Shockley, and "Big"Jim Roberts
rear: John St. John, Engineer Gary Magill, and Bob Alexander.

John St. John Aircheck

June 29, 1978  (8:58)
Alexander In The Morning

1974 The Rock of Harrisburg  (6:15)
Charley Adams

1974 The Rock of Harrisburg (11:11)

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