Where are they today . . .
Charlie Adams Charlie has passed away.
Fred Adams After WKBO, Fred went full time at WRKZ 107 in E-Town doing mornings as Dusty Adams. He worked there full time for 1 yr and 3 months then took a leave for a couple of years got married and went back part time doing the Z country top 30 countdown. Fred's full time job for 25 years is with Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Co. where he does telephone and computer wiring, telephone switch software and what ever else is needed.  Fred and his wife Betty have 3 kids and are about to become grand parents.
Bob Alexander Bob lives in Harrisburg. Bob is retired from the Dauphin County Adult Probation and Parole Department. and enjoying his leisure times in Harrisburg.
Greg Allen / Greg Scott Greg worked at WKBO twice, first in about 1975-76 (as Greg Scott) and later in about 77 or 78 through 1980 (as Greg Allen). In between he worked at WFEC doing the 6 - midnight shift. In 1977 he was program director at WRSC in State College. After leaving WKBO in 1980 Greg moved to San Diego and is doing voice overs as Gregory Best. www.GregoryBest.com
Chris Andree Chris lived in the Harrisburg area and worked for Iheart Media Harrisburg as Production Director. He was also heard The River 97.3 WRVV. For more than 20 years Chris was the PA announcer for the Harrisburg Senators. In addition he worked with the Hershey Bears and was one of the station voices of ABC27. Chris passed away on June 28, 2018.
Joe Bastardi Joe Bastardi is a weather forecaster working for State College, PA based Accuweather. He has become well-known for his surprisingly accurate long-range forecasts.
Big Ange (Andy Jackson Big Ange (John Manzi) died of cancer on July 18, 2010. Most of his career was epent in New England, WJAR, WPRO, WICE Providence, R.I., WHIM East Providence, R.I., WKRI West Warwick, R.I., WINR Binghamton, N.Y., WELM Elmira, N.Y., WASY Gorham, Me., WZON, Bangor, Me. He was 68.
Gary Brooks Gary runs Brooks Creative Services in Philadelphia.
Bill Brosey Bill Brosey  is   now    doing    voice   work  and  is  based in   Reading,Pa,  (He did jock and news work on WKBO---early 1970's) (after WKBO he was at WAEB, WRAW, WHUM, WEEU, WJJZ, WHYL)
Jim Buchanan Jim spent many years as a meteorolgist at FOX 43, WPMT in York, Pa. Jim works as freelance meterologist in Harrisburg. Jim also does voice overs at Studio 7 Audio Production Services.
Tim Burns Tim is retired after being the morning show host at WINK 104 for many years in Harrisburg.
Dennis John Cahill Dennis last worked in radio at WARM 104 in York in 2001. He is one of the production voices at WGAL-8 and does free lance voice work. He's been the voice for Pa Dept of Tourism, the Pa Lottery in the last year and has been active in the Screen Actors Guild doing background in several movies and TV shows including Sex in the City, CBS's  "Hack" and the Movie "Jersey Girl "
Mike Conrad Mike is a retired school teacher at the Cumberland Valley School District. He now lives in Florida
Carol Crissey Carol became a TV news anchor in Buffalo, New York for more than 23 years. Now Carol Jasen, she is now retired and living in Denver.
J. Albert Dame Mr. Dame sold WKBO and the 21 station Dame Media to Clear Channel Broadcasting in 1999. In 2000 he formed a new company Dame Broadcasting and purchased WIKZ, WCHA AM & FM in Chambersburg. Dame Broadcasting eventually bought WQCM and WHAG in Hagerstown as well as stations in State College and Johnstown. Mr. Dame has since sold all of the stations held by Dame Broadcasting.
Mr. Dame passed away on June 5, 2016.
Dave Dillon Dave is Program Director at AC KOSI in Denver
Dave Edwards Dave is retired and still lives in Harrisburg and is loving it.
Dennis Edwards Dennis was most recently a co-host of York's Moring News on  WSBA.
Kevin Fennessy Kevin passed away in August 2016.
J.C. Floyd J.C. Floyd most recently was morning show co-host at WLOK in Memphis, Tennessee. Is now a broadcast consultant.
Teddy G Teddy lives in Lititz, Pa. and does commercial and voice work.
Hal German Hal is working for CNN.
Larry Hall Larry has passed away.
Jonathan Harris Jonathan moved to Pittsburgh as Dennis Elliot, working at WXKX, WPEZ, WDSY, and WZPT among others.
R.J. Harris R.J. spent a number of years as Program Director and morning show host at WWKL in Harrisburg. He is now Operations Manager at Clear Channel Harrisburg and morning show host at WHP 580.
Fred Honsberger Fred left WKBO news and went to KYW in Philadelphia. Fred joined KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh in 1979. He was a news reporter before becoming KDKA's news director. In 1989 he began hosting a talk show on KDKA. He continued to host talk show until his death on December 16, 2009.
Les Howard Les Howard Jacoby moved to Florida in 1973. He has been at Lakeland, Tampa as well. After Florida stops included Raleigh, Ft Lauderdale-Miami, Peoria, Fayeteville (Ark) and Memphis. Les returned to Florida and West Palm Beach in 1992. Les was Billboard's Adult Contemporary PD of the Year  in 2000, and was nominated for Radio & Records AC Program Director of the Year in 2001. is retired from on-the-air now, and is President/CEO at Les Howard Radio Consulting. Lives in Gainesville, Florida.
Neil Howard Neil left the radio business in 1989. His last station was WWKL, Kool 94.9. He now teaches Holocaust Studies as an adjunct professor at Penn State Harrisburg.  He also works as a freelance voice-over talent and performs disc jockey work at private parties on weekends.
Gary Jadus Gary is now working in Harrisburg at UCCI, an insurance company.
Gary Knight Gary is now doing weekends at KLDE-FM in Houston. He enjoys flying and has 2 grandchildren.
Heidi Kramer Heidi passed away in Houston Texas in October 2006.
David Madden David is a reporter at KYW Radio in Philadelphia.
Ken Martin Ken is currently in Tampa, Florida. He works for Mediabase.
Mitch McKeever Mitch now works as a voice over talent.
Steve Orr Steve worked weekends at WWKL in Harrisburg in the late 80's as Steve Sheridan. He was last reported to be a videographer in New York City.
Jondra Phillips Jondra left for WKBO for Washington D.C. She worked at AP Radio and then WASH-FM, again doing morning anchor.  Moved to San Francisco where she worked at KNBR and KGO radio.  Jondra left the business in the mid-80's and is now a licensed psychotherapist in the Palm Springs area of California.
Jim Roberts Big Jim Roberts  was at WHLJ in Port St. Lucie, Florida. He passed away in October 2015.
Ed Roman Ed is now on Dial Global Network's Classic Country format as Ed Alexander the Ol' Prospector.
Rick Shockley Rick has had a successful career as Program Director. He is now the host of The Sunny Morning Show at Adult Contemporary WEAT-FM (Sunny 104.3), West Palm Beach, Florida.
Tom Sinkovitz Tom co-anchored KRON 4 News in San Francisco at 6, 9, and 11 p.m. He joined the station in January 1990. He is now retired from WXIA,
John St. John John has his own production company in New Orleans called Airlift Productions.
Dan Steele Dan was Program Director and morning show host at Oldies WWKL and Big 92.7. He spent many years as morning show producer and appears with R.J. Harris on WHP 580. He is now retired.
John Summers John is working at Lite 101.9, WLIF in Baltimore. He also fills in at times at The Rose in Lancaster.
Bill Trousdale Bill left the air in 1985 to partner with Ken Chandler (Kenny Frank and Ray and the local Laurie label hit "Heart" 1963)  in sales for audio production company. Bill began working radio sales at WMSP in 1987. From there he went to WWKL ( Kool 94.9 & 99.3) and WSOX 96.1 in York County.  He recently retired as a mobile DJ service. Bill remains active in the Keystone Record Collectors. Recently, He has begun organizing a state wide museum dealing with Historical and Educational  resources in Music and Broadcasting www.pmmbh.org
Joe Wambach Joe has been a news anchor and reporter at WIBC since 1995. As Afternoon News Editor, Joe anchors and co-anchors afternoon and evening newscasts at WIBC. Joe had retired from news anchoring at  WIBC in Indianapolis in 2011. He passed away in his sleep on Jun 11, 2016 in Indianapolis.
Wendy Williams Wendy was WKBO's Program Director during the 1, 2, 3, Radio KB era, just before the switch to the Rock of Harrisburg. He has been working in State College Pa. He has to the real estate business. He does free- lance work and has been the announcer for the Pa. PBS show "The Pennsylvania Game"
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