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Here are some of the ABC Radio News Anchors
you may remember from
ABC & ABC Contemporary News
Don Gardiner - New York * Joe Templeton - Washington* Scott Schurian - Los Angeles
Bob Hardt - New York John Schubeck - New York Lyle Dean - Chicago
Stan Dale - Chicago Keith MacBee - New York Bruce Brown - New York
Bill Rice - New York Don Baker - New York Bill Diehl - New York
Keeve Berman - New York * Gil Gross - New York Alex Dreier - Chicago
Bob Considine * Warren Dean - New York Les Griffith - New York
Bill Brophy - New York * Paul Harvey (commentary) * Charles Woods - New York
Bill Owen - New York Howard Cosell (sports) * Fred Foy - New York
Tom Harmon (sports) Roger Grimsby - New York * John Bohannon - New York
John Meagher - New York Bob Scott - Los Angeles Charles Lawence - Chicago
Don North - New York Wally Parker - New York * Chuck Scott - Chicago
John Causier - New York Bill Larson - New York Mike Dewey - New York
David Leslie - New York Jeffrey Hendicks - Chicago Mike Rich - New York
David Henderson- New York Ed Kane - New York Jim Harriot - New York
Mary Margaret Myers - NY * Leida Snow - New York Rise Jill Miller - New York
Martin Giles - New York Jack Swanson - Chicago Rick James - New York
Gil Fox - New York    
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 If you can name any more ABC Radio News Anchors from either pre-1968
or from the American Contemporary Network ...

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A number of others hosted various ABC reports of the years including ...

Bruce Morrow Diane Linkletter
Ron Lundy Roby Yonge *
Dan Ingram Mary Jo Cook
Chuck Leonard (Sneak Preview) * Jerry Marshall
Jim Nettleton (Retro Rock) * The Pickle Brothers
Frank Kingston Smith (Retro Rock) Jenny Blackton
Barbara Andres
Condolences to the family of Jim Nettleton who passed away on October 4, 2009.
Jim hosted Retro Rock on the American Contemporary Radio Network.

 updated 10/04/2009