American Personality
Radio Network
What was the American Personality Radio Network? It was the orginal name for The American Entertainment Network.

According to this excerpt from a news release published in the August 29. 1967 edition of the Toledo Blade as well as other papers across the United States, it was to be one of the 4 new units of ABC Radio news when the split was to occur on January 1, 1968.

"ABC Splits Network Into 4 Units For More Variety"

   New York - The American Broadcasting Co. will split it's radio network into four units by Jan. 1 to offer local stations specialized programs. The units will be:

   The American Personality Network, designed to serve stations presenting a middle-of-the road mixture of music, news, and features.

   The American Information Network, servings stations offering all-talk programs and in-depth news.

   The American FM Network, concentrating on news analysis and interpretation for FM stations.

   The American Contemporary Network, to serve pop and rock 'N' roll music outlets and offer brisk news reports and interviews with musical personalities admired by the young generation.

This is the story that appeared in the Sept. 2, 1967 edition of Billboard Magazine.


    New York - In a major policy change, the American Broadcasting Co. split it's radio network into four separate services last week under the leadership of new radio network president Walter A. Schwartz. The new radio network operation will consist of four separate programming services - The American Personality Network, The American Contemporary Network, The American Information Network, and The American FM Network. The change was made to accomodate various types of formats. ABC is the first national network to provide programming material exclusively for FM.

This snippet came from the book "The first 50 years of broadcasting: the running story of the fifth estate"

The The American Personality Network (subsequently renamed The American Entertainment Network) for stations with MOR programing that combined news, popular music and features such as Don McNeill's Breakfast Club.

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