ABC Direction Radio Network
ABC Direction
Radio Network
On January 4, 1982 ABC added the ABC Direction Radio Network

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Robert A Chaisson was director of network development where he was responsible for the development of the ABC Direction Radio Network.
According to the January 16, 1982 issue of Billboard Magazine, "The Direction Network, designed for adult formats with a target age of 25 to 54, has 57 affiliates, including WJAS-FM Pittsburgh, WJW-AM Cleveland, WPOC-FM Baltimore, KNUZ-FM Houston, KMBZ-AM Kansas City and WLQY-AM Fort Lauderdale."
"ABC Direction is under the guidance of vice president Charles King, assisted by program director Ruth Meyer. Both King and Meyer wear two hats, holding the same titles at ABC's Enterntainment Network.

This Ad appeared in the October 31, 1981 issue of Billboad Magazine

This Ad appeared in 1982

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Ebony Magazine September 1983

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