WABC, KABC, KQV & WLS were just 4 of the many great radio stations that were part of the ABC Radio Network ! For many years ABC owned & operated stations carried many ABC Network programs. Don McNeil's Breakfast Club aired every weekday morning. Paul Harvey news and commentary also was a part of the ABC Radio line-up.

The history of ABC goes back to 1942, when the NBC Blue Network was reincorporated as The Blue Network, Inc. by RCA.  In 1943, The Blue Network, Inc, was sold to Edward Noble for about $8 million.

In 1945, Noble bought the rights to the name American Broadcasting Company in 1945 from George Storer. (see Barry Mishkind's ABC Network section of The Broadcast Archive at www.oldradio.com.)

On June 15, 1945, a newspaper article heralded a change in radio news that would affect all of us who listened to radio news ... "Something NEW will happen in radio ...  Tonight radio history will be made ... Today, we change our name from the Blue Network to one that we feel more truly expresses the reason for our existence. From this day forward, your radio will say "This is the AMERICAN Broadcasting Company." (thanks to Terry Morgan)

December 31, 1967, Don Baker anchored the last regular ABC Radio Newscast.  Audio from the final newscast is on the ABC Split page.  See the menu on the left. 

January 1, 1968, ABC Radio split it's stations into 4 demographic networks ... American Contemporary Radio, American Entertainment Radio, American Information Radio, and ABC FM Radio were created with their own news staffs and special features.

KABC became part of the new American Information Radio Network. The ABC Information Network provided the heaviest diet of news, with blocks of 10-minute, five-minute, and three and a half minutes of news and sports each day. 

WABC, KQV and WLS became part of the American Contemporary Radio Network. Gone were the long newscasts in the early evening. ABC Reports, Retro-Rock, Sneak Preview and others were created for a young top 40 audience. Newscasts were at :55 on American Contemporary Radio. Howard Cosell's 'Speaking of Sports' was also a staple in both morning and afternoon drive hours.

Click on the icons below to hear the news sounder from the various ABC Radio Networks.

        Thanks to David Winner for providing these classic sounders.
David also provided the inspiration to start this addition to my sites.
Many thanks go out for those who have been kind enough to help provide me with names, pictures and sounds for this tribute to ABC News. What started out as an add-on to the KQV - WLS web pages and ABC Contemporary Radio has grown into a tribute to ABC as a network.  Thanks to Bob Gibson, Mike Ludlum, Henry Cotterill Jr, John Meagher, Vince Santarelli, Allan Sniffen, Dave Biondi, Larry Hart, Tim Brown, Scott Levison, Bill Diehl, Greg Pattenaude, David Alpert, Gary Nunn, Bob Ring, Jim Guthrie, Irv Chapman, David Gleason, Bill Larson and many others. It is always rewarding to know that we can still touch people's memories with this labor of love. ... Jeff
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This is news from American Contemporary Radio ...

Hear news of the hour on the hour around the clock from American Information Radio ...

Here's the latest worldwide news from the Entertainment Network ...

From all over the world, East, West, North and South, News for FM from the American FM Radio Network ...

Here's top News in Brief from the American Contemporary Radio ...

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On January 4th 1982, ABC added the 5th and 6th Networks ?
ABC Direction with 57 stations and ABC Rock with 40 stations !

A new ABC FM news service debuted in July, 2006. 1 Minute Drive Time Newscasts, internet delivered.

ABC FM is now know as ABC News Now. ABC News Now is a 24 hour service.
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This site is a tribute to ABC Radio News and is not 
affilliated with or authorized by ABC Radio.

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