Larry Aiken
Larry Aiken came to KQV in September 1959. Originally Larry was assigned to the overnight shift at KQV. During his more than 2 years at KQV, Larry would also work the 9-mid, 6-9 pm and 3-6:30 afternoon shift at KQV. Larry was also KQV's Music Director during his tenure at KQV.

Larry passed away on Saturday February 13, 2010 at the age of 69 from longstanding health problems.

A portrait of the late Larry Aiken sits on a table in The Centre where Vanderburgh County Commissioner Lloyd Winnecke, left, and Mayor Jonathan Weinzaphel cut the ribbon at the official opening of The Aiken Theatre, named for the longtime promoter and entrepreneur. The event included an auction of items from Aiken's estate and a presentation of Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance. Proceeds benefit the Koch Fmaily Children's Museum of Evansville.
"This is the portrait that will be hung in the Lobby of AIKEN THEATRE under the Theatre sign.
It was created by Larry's old friend and graphic artist, Tom Trebing, who created all of Larry's earlier art for shows, restaurants, radio stations, movie theatres, night club, dinner theatre, etc., etc. Tom then moved to Nashville, TN to form a large, successful graphic arts firm. Tom still lives in Nashville, but Larry and Tom still kept in touch. This photo was from a newspaper article and was taken in the mid to late 1980's.I took it down last Wednesday to The Civic Center.thought you would enjoy seeing the portrait." ... Suzanne Aiken

What was it like to be Music Director at KQV?  Arnold Zeitlin of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sat in with Larry Aiken on a typical Music Day in 1960. 

Larry started "playing radio" at the age of 6 with tin can microphones and egg cartons. He got his first real radio job in Evansville, Indiana at the age of just 14. Larry arrived in Pittsburgh, the 8th largest market in America at the age of 19.

Larry even wrote a book called "Discs and Data" before he was 21. Hitparader Magazine said."It's chock full of inside tips and is certainly a must for all of you aspiring young deejays."

Larry's stated goal in 1961 was "To someday have my own network show, marry a beautiful 'chick' and have a big family."

Larry gave up his $20,000 a year job at KQV in 1962 and returned home to Evansville, Ind. to start a concert promotion career. Aiken Management became one of the biggest concert promotions companies in the country. 

Larry Aiken also owned radio stations WGBF-FM & AM in Evansville from 1987 until 1996.

In 2001, Larry sold his concert company to Jam Productions of Chicago. He remained a consultant to Jam for many years afterward.

Larry Aiken in 2009
Larry Aiken was the Democratic Party chairman in Vanderburgh County, Indiana for 3 years before retiring in 2008. Larry was honored with "An Evening with Lonesome Larry: A Roast of Larry Aiken" on February 28, 2009.

Larry Aiken & Rod Roddy featured in January 1961 edition of Song Hits Magazine
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Larry in KQV Studio in 1959
Inside Pittsburgh Radio 
TODAY: Meet Larry Aiken 
By Chuck Dougherty
   Most Little boys of six play Cowboys and Indians. But when Larry Aiken was six, he says he played "radio" ... with tin can microphones, etc. 
   When Larry grew up to the old age of 14, he got his first job in real radio in his hometown of Evansville, Ind. and then joined KQV earlier this year. 
   How old is Larry no? He's only 19 ... but he can be classed as a true veteran. He just recently started his new show on KQV from 9 p.m. to midnight ... and if you tune in, you'll find he's still "playing" radio ... only now, he's got a lot of real people listening.
Text to Inside Pittsburgh Radio 11/25/59
Pittsburgh Post Gazette & Pittsburgh Press

KQV's "Shakin" with
Larry AIken
  Do you dig golfing or swimming? Do you like Chinese food or driving sports cars? 
   If your answer to any of the above was "Yes," you've got something in common with the country's most up and coming and popular disc jockey, Larry Aiken from KQV in Pittsburgh, Pa.
   Larry's mom is a great artist, and his older brother is a graduate of the Naval Academy. Larry seems to think he got left out when it comes to talent in the family, so we'd better set him straight. When it comes to spinnin' the platters, Larry is the greatest.
   Now don't laught, but confidentially, Larry started out "playing radio" with tin cans and egg cartons, when he was six. Well, it must have been a pretty good start, because just eight years later he was hired at a local radio station. Then he advanced to his own show. The next
big jump was for Larry was to Louisville, - Kentucky where he started his own 7 - midnight program. Larry is now on KQV filling that all-important after-school 3 to 6:30 pm slot with one of the fastest moving shows.
   Larry has written a book on how to become
a successful disc jockey, called "Discs and Data." It's chock full of inside tips and is certainly a must for all of you aspiring young dee-jays. It's a great book and it's written from experiencewith a capital "E."
   Larry is a good looking guy whose smile comes over the air waves in that casual voice.

Larry Aiken with Della Reese
Hit Parader Magazine - February 1961
No old man himself, Larry digs the tunes that are easy to the teeners' ears. If you like it, Larry spins it.
   Larry says, "I'm spending all my current time doing three hops a week, distrubting my book "Discs and Data" and sleeping a great big four hours a night."
   Well, Larry better get some more sleep, and take care of himself because there are a lot of folks who want to keep "shakin' " with Larry Aiken for a long, long time.

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