Larry Aiken
Here are the liner noted from the back of Larry Aiken's Gold Dust
Larry Aiken, know as the "ladies man" of Radio Station KQV Pittsburgh, is one of the most personable young men to join the ranks of radio today.
   Larry began his disc spinning career at the age of thirteen in his hometown of Evansville, Indiana. After a few years of hard work he left Evansville to fill the 9:00 to 12:00 P.M. slot on KQV Pittsburgh, broadcasting out of their new show case studios in the heart of town. Success cam quickly to Larry not only from his fine work on the show but in the community as well. He and his fellow D.J.'s got together with the management of KQV formed a basketball team called the Hi Hoopers. The team travels extensively meeting their rivals in churches and community centers in order to raise funds for worthwhile charities. To date Larry and hi co-workers have raised thousands of dollars for 
the benefit of unfortunate people everywhere. As a specific example, all royalties earned on thie album shall be donated to Allegheny County Crippled Children's Fund.
   Larry's personal interests are typical of an average young Amerian. He loves driving sports cars, eating good Italtian food, playing basketball and last but not least, the company of charming young ladies. He is a staunch supporter of the teenagers of today and his honesty plus sincerity have won the teenagers support of Larry in return.
   It may be noted that Larry Aiken personally selected the contents of this special album. "Gold Dust" is comprised of million selling records performed by the original artists that made these songs famous. We are certain that Larry Aiken's Gold Dust will provide you with many hours of listening pleasure.
page updated July 26, 2004