The Pittsburgh Press
January 30, 1968
Page 42

Julius And KQV Part
Press TV-Radio Editor

     Al Julius and KQV have parted company and that's an unfortunate situation, indeed.

     As in all broadcast departures, there are versions given by both parties involved, as well as other interested and disinterested parties.

     But perhaps what it boils down to is this. It happened not because of money, but conditions.

     The Brooklyn-born Julius, 39, reached both young people and adults with his hard-hitting air work and always got the big hand from the students at affairs such as the ABC year-end reports.

     "I want desperately to stay in Pittsburgh," Julius said, "because there's so much to do yet in this city. But I have a wife and two children to support and will leave if I must."

     A reconciliation with KQV is probably out of the question but it's worth mentioning here, nevertheless. Julius joined the station three years ago.

     Another station or two in this town would do well to latch on to Al, albeit, he's pretty hot stuff.