Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph - Monday March 18, 1960                                     Page 21
by Arnold Zeitlin

Pittsburghy Broadcasters are in a fog because of an FCC ruling that stations must acknowledge records they get free from distributors. They say they don't know what the commission means. The ruling was an anti-payola measure.

So far none has gone as far as several New York stations which are making periodic announcements. NBC has decided to buy all its records, taking its owned and operated WAMP off the hook. And KDKA is expected  to complete negotiations today to buy all its records.

Most of the other stations receive free records. SWCAE management, for instance, has asked the National Association of Broadcaster to ask the FCC what it wants. John Gibbs of KQV said he is awaiting the results of a meeting called by officials of the ABC network to discuss the matter. As a result of the FCC notice, KQV has discontinued awarding free records to listeneres.