Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
August 23, 1961
page 33
NOW LET'S go from one list to another. But first an explanation. Tomorrow KQV will present it's "Appreciation Day" at West View Park. This is not, as you might suspect, an appreciation ot rock 'n' roll, or of KQV which airs it, but of Channel 13 (WQED) to which all proceeds will be donated. Special ride tickets will be available at half price - the half collected goes to 13 - and at 1 p.m. the festivities will get underway with a free record hop at the park's Danceland featuring KQV deejays and local Pittsburgh talent.

KQV will broadcast continuously from the park, starting at 1 o'clock. A 7:30 Channel 13 will join the radio station for a simiulcast of the evening's entertainment schedule. A half-hour program with Alan Boal as moderator will be aired from 7:30 to 8. Educators and station personnel from WQED will discuss the community TV station's service to the educational needs of the Pittsburgh area.

At 8 o'clock the show begins, and here we come to our next list. The "allstar" talent ("star" is a word kicked around unmercifully by the recording industry) includes two names of which this aged square has at least heard - Frankie Avalon and Bobby Vinton. I hope that adding the note that I find young Mr. Vinton a very personable young man I am not administering the kiss of death. I have never met Mr. Avalon, although I have heard people in the business speak highly of his talents.

The list: Avalon, Vinton and orchestra, Freddie Cannon, Johnny Tillotson, Timi Yuro, Gene Pitney, the Skyliners, Curtis Lee, Ben E. King, Jerry Butler, Ral Donner, Tony Williams, Tony Orlando, Marcy Joe, the Belmonts, the Flairs, Maureen Greya and the Fabulous Four.

I have KQV's word that this is "the biggest lineup of talent in Pittsburgh history." Perhaps the word "talent" has hidden meanings unknown to those over 14. On second thought, this is a terrifying conclusion, even though inescapable. But you've got to admit the station has it's heart in the right place - right netween it's tin ears. I hope they make a fortune for WQED.