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from Ed Roaa:
     What I remember about you most as a KQV announcer was one spring Sunday evening (1959 or 1960) you said, "Here's Cherry Pie! Make mine an alimode!" The song was by Skip and Flip. I also enjoyed how you performed the Top 40 Countdown each week from 3-7 p.m. (M-F).
     Please share with me your personal feelings about working with the late Henry DaBecco who was with KQV for 7 years, and Johnny Mitchell who was with KQV a little over a year. The three of you were so much fun to listen to over the air waves!
     Thank you!

Chuck's Answer:

 Henry Dabecco .... a true gentelman ... a radio announcer turned DJ when ABC purchased KQV in 58.  Hank was happy to oblige me as an usher in my wedding in MAY of 67.  Continued friendship at TAE where he was a booth announcer,  6 Dewitt St in Mt Washington .... his home address stayed locked in my memory bank!! (Henry passed away March 30, 2005)
     Johnny Mitchell..aka Hal Buckner ... aka Capt Audio.  Never got along with him!!!   

from Bob Middleman:
     I just wanted to know how you are doing now after the terrible accident you had. Are you planning on going back on the air? I hope all is well. Best wishes,

Chuck's Answer:
     Accident of 12 16 11 still has me walking with walker and rehab 2 to 3 times a week and work part-time at KGVL in Greenville Tx where I am an investor.  Thanks for concern!!