Bob Harvey joined KQV in 1964 and remained with the station through the end of the top 40 era and into the news era. 'Captain Bob' was a newsman , talkshow host and traffic copter pilot and reporter.  He was also the voice of KQV's "Turkey Man"

Bob Harvey passed away Wednesday, May 27, 2020. Bob died of lung cancer. He was 75.

Special Thanks to Captain Bob for the photos.

Interview with Bob Harvey
Produced by Jim Cirronella and Jeff Carney

Bob Harvey in KQV Production Studio

Bob Harvey with KQV News Car

Captain Bob in the KQV Traffic Copter

Captain Bob & the Traffic Copter
George Romero's "The Night Of The Living Dead"

Captain Bob & the Traffic Copter

Bob with an unidentified bridal model
at the KQV Bridal Fair.

Bob Harvey, Yvonne Elliman and Jay Davis
"Jesus Christ Superstar" at Nixon Theater

KQV's "Get Into The Music" Poster provided by Bob Harvey

The KQV News Car !

After many years, it has been revealed that Bob played the
 last record on KQV before the change over to all news.

Tom Martin (top) & Bob Harvey (bottom right) reading the news.
A couple of buttons from Bob's Collection 
Listen, and I'm not Kidding...
The beautiful brown winged nocturnal warrior, Turkey Man is here ! Listen weekly for another chilling chapter in the life of the most feared fowl Pittsburgh has ever known !
(click on the turkey)

A special note of interest. In 1968, KQV's Bob Harvey sent tapes of KQV to American Troops in
Vietnam. This was in the Pittsburgh Press Radio-TV Column on May 8, 1968  "Vietnam
servicemen dedicated the opening of a Cam Ranh Bay USO radio station to KQV's Bob Harvey."

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