Bob Wood
2 AM - 6 AM
Bob Wood spent only a couple of years as a KQVIP.  From 1970 until 1972, the "Woodburger" handled the overnight hours on the Big 14.  Bob's sense of humor and wit were a key to his success in Pittsburgh and led him to a long future in radio.

Bob came to Pittsburgh from Wilmington, Delaware.  Bob spent many years in Canadian radio after his stint at KQV.  He also spent a number of years at WBEN in Buffalo, New York. 

Bob developed the "Bob" country format for WBOB in Minneapolis.  He was program director at KQQL, Kool 108 in Minneapolis until late 2004.

Bob Wood in 1970

Bob Wood in 2013
"After almost 12 years in Minneapolis, and 4 owners, with 4 formats on one of my stations  (country, rock, classic hits and jazz) and one on the other (oldies), consultation out of market, etc., my job was absorbed.

My wife and I researched the whole country looking for the ideal place - rather than let a job move us.  We chose Austin and love it here.

I have a blog that looks at the world through my sensibilities: The Bob Blog

Is radio in my future?  I doubt it, unless some unexpected creative challenge comes my way.  But I enjoyed my time and many of the people with whom I was lucky enough to work!

I continue to do voicework.

Bob Wood 

Bob Wood in KQV Studio

 Bob Wood with the KQV Double Dribblers
The Bob Wood Collection
Thanks to Bob for the many airchecks he has provided from the early seventies.
 Bob Wood Airchecks
 Bob Wood December 25, 1971 7:53
 Bob Wood 1971 Early 1971
 Bob Wood 1971 a Various 1971 - part 1
 Bob Wood 1971 b Various 1971 - part 2
 Bob Wood 1971 c Various 1971 - part 3
 Bob Wood 1971 d Various 1971 - part 4
 Bob Wood 1971 For Jay Davis August 5, 1971
 Bob Wood 1970 August 24, 1970
 Bob Wood 1970/71 Late  1970/early 71 ?
 Bob Wood 1971 April 13, 1971
 Jim Quinn Aircheck 1971 1971 Aircheck
 Jay Davis Aircheck 1971 1971 Aircheck
 Fred Winston Aircheck 1971 For Harry West
 Fred Winston Aircheck 1971 For Gary Gears
 Jon Summers with David Cassidy With David Cassidy
 Chuck Brinkman 1970/71 Late 1970/early 71 ?
 Jon Summers 1970/71 Late 1970/early 71 ?
 Jay Davis 1970/71 Late 1970/early 71 ?
 Fred Winston 1970/71 Late 1970/early 71 ?
 Jim Quinn 1970/71 Late 1970/early 71 ?
Bob has also sent a collection of pictures of the 1970-1971 KQV airstaff
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