The Breakfast Club . . .
For many years ABC stations would break away for 1 hour of programming after the morning show.  After the Breakfast Club, they would return to music.
Don McNeill's Breakfast Club began on June 23, 1933. The show was broadcast nationwide from Chicago. In 1933, "The Pepper Pot" radio program welcomed a new host. Don McNeill took over the show and renamed it "The Breakfast Club". The show, a huge success for the NBC-Blue Network and later, ABC Radio, became one of the longest - running radio programs in history. The show aired with McNeill as host until December 27, 1968. "The Breakfast Club" was a morning show that had its share of corny jokes, visiting celebrities and lots of audience participation. (from Dave Tanny's Today In All Kinds Of History Datebook)

Picture from final taping of The Breakfast Club 12/2768
An ad that ran for the show's 25th anniversary in the June 23, 1958 issue of Broadcasting Magazine
TV Radio Mirror Feb 1951
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Breakfast Club Ticket
The Breakfast Club Gang
Don McNeill Publicity Picture
Old Breakfast Club Newspaper Ad

This ticket is from July 31, 1946
After many years of entertaining millions of 
Americans on both NBC & ABC,
Don McNeill passed away on May 7, 1996 at the age of 88.
Breakfast Club Theme - 1954