The KQV Bridal Fair . . .
The KQV Bridal Fair was a staple for KQV beginning in 1969. It was everything for the bride or the bride to be.

Bridal Fair began in February 1967 in Omaha at KOIL. KQV Program Director Mike McCormick brought Bridal Fair with him when he came to KQV. Bob Wilson was also at KOIL and was the Master of Ceremonies for the first KOIL Bridal Fair. Bridal Fair was so successful in Omaha, it was only natural that it would be a hit in Pittsburgh for KQV as well.

KQV's Bob Harvey walks down the aisle

KQV's Jay Davis & M.W. Motors Sales manager Paul Dew hand
the keys to a brand new 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle to
1971 Bridal Fair Grand Prize Winner Carole Girghiny.
Carole also won a set of Sears Forecast Luggage.
from 1969 KQV Hit Parade Extra

from 1969 Hit Parade

from 1970 Hit Parade
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from 1971 Hit Parade

from 1972 Hit Parade

from 1973 booklet

from 1973 booklet
The KQV Bridal Fair Promos were legendary
  KQV PAMS Briday Fair Jingle
  1969 KQV Bridal Fair Promo (Bob Wilson)
  1975 KQV Bridal Fair Promo (Bob DeCarlo)
  1975 KQV Bridal Fair Promo (Bob DeCarlo)
The theme from the later KQV Bridal Fairs ... "The Morning Of Our Lives"
was written by Steve Barri and recorded by The Arkade and actually hit
the Billboard charts peaking at # 60 in February 1971 !
(singer Austin Roberts was a member of The Arkade)

A special thanks to Bruce Thiebauth, president of Bridal Fair, Inc. for allowing us to use the images and Bridal Fair name on these pages. Bridal Fair, Inc. is still active and operated in 15 markets and has presented events to over four million brides and their guests making it the show with the largest impact and longest continuously running event of its kind in North America.
Click here for more information on Bridal Fair, Inc.

KQV Bridal Fair in the newspapers