Chuck Brinkman
Of all the things Chuck Brinkman was known for at KQV was his relationship with The Beatles. On September 14, 1964, Chuck Brinkman introduced The Beatles at the Civic Arena.
Audio of Chuck Brinkman welcoming the Beatles

Chuck Brinkman and John Rook in the Bahamas
Chuck related this story to me in March 2016...
"In March of 65 when during the Beatle frenzy John Rook decided he and I should go to the Bahamas where they were filming HELP'
We had no credentials or authority to be there but we checked into Brian Epsteins posh hotel and sure enough when we went to the pool the fab four were relaxing and sort of goofing off.  I grabbed my recorder and started toward them (no security) and John stopped me."Not now...just wait."
He recognized the films producer Walter Shenson and introduced himself and invited him to dinner.
While dining he explained we just took a shot and could he help us in anyway,  Next morning he told us to meet him on Paradise Island and like magic produced all four Beatles for me on a one on one.  A DREAM come true....John was quite a man!!"